What's The Purpose? by Karen Preston


Defined as = the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists 

OK…let’s break it down a bit, shall we? “The reason for which something is done or created”

So have you ever stopped long enough to ask, “What am I doing this for?” or “why do I exist?” (so you get the gist of this now…)

Well these are 2 very different questions, yet obviously very relative.  

Let’s have a closer look…What am I doing this for?  We often answer this with “I’m doing this out of necessity”… or “I have to…” “it pays the bills”  “to put food on the table” …and the list can go on and on.  

However, how would you feel if you could answer with one simple answer - “I WANT to do this” 

Think about how different it sounds and quite frankly I’m sure you are getting that same warm and fuzzy feeling even when you read those words.  But seriously, how different would your life be if you could actually say it.  Think of something that you actually enjoy doing and hear your inner voice say “I’m doing this because I want to.”  Wow!  How cool would it be to say that about laundry, dishes, making dinner or even…your job!   

So what IS the difference between these two responses? A CHOICE    When you feel you have to do something you feel you don’t have a choice.  When you feel you want to do something it’s because you have set an intention based upon your choosing.   

Now let’s look at “Why do I exist?” Actually let’s not, because that’s too heavy of a question that leads me down a rabbit hole with thoughts of the stars and the moon and…well, I digress.  

Let’s just say, if you are doing what you choose you are in flow with your greatest sense of existence.  

Without a Doubt,

I Got My Mind Made Up

How to Turn Your Walls Into Healthy Boundaries by Karen Preston

What’s the difference between a boundary and a wall? In a word, everything.

We set boundaries to honor our values, while we build walls to protect our deepest fears. Boundaries are set with a positive intention in order to maintain a level of respect for our personal limits, while walls are created to hold us back from our greatest growth. Boundaries are light, airy, and transparent. Beautiful flowers climb lazily along their edges, and it feels good when we confidently share them with others. Walls, on the other hand, are dark and mysterious, with prickly and coarse vines latching onto their coldness.

As you can probably tell, boundaries are healthy – and walls are not. So, how do you turn a wall into a boundary? It’s simple. You have to face the fear that created the wall. Give the fear a new role, by allowing it to be your cheerleader. Create a new job description for your fear. Ask the fear to walk beside you, rather than stand in your way.

And the walls come crumbling down…
- Sister Sledge-Hammer

Well ~ whatdoyouknow? by Karen Preston

Burnt out?  Too much pressure from parents?  Feel like you never have time with your friends because you either have practice every night or a game?

If any of these sound like you ~ You could use a break!

But you might be surprised at what you actually need a break from…

We all have influencers that keep us from being at our top performance.  These influencers are kinda like voices in our heads that take us down a famous path to MSU…MAKE STUFF UP (insert your own word there) or worse…

So how can you take a break from MSU? Let's see...

Did your parents or coach recently say “Hey!  You need to work harder on and off the field if you want to get a scholarship!” But what you hear may be more like – “Hey! You’re slacking so you’re not good enough to play in college.“  See how you just made something up in your head?  How does this change your energy toward giving your full effort at practice?  Or how does your emotional response keep you from playing your best during a game? 

This is an emotional influencer ~ one of several influencers that can wreak havoc on your ability to function not only as an athlete, but can wreck your overall confidence in many other areas of your life. 

So how can you not let this happen?  And how can you break the cycle of Making Stuff Up?  Developing emotional awareness is just one way to cope with what you perceive to be pressure from others. 

For example, write down 3 emotions that popped up when you heard that statement “You need to work harder…”  Because you know that’s all you heard…you didn’t pay any attention to the rest of the statement.

Now forget about the first 3 emotions and write down 3 emotions about “…you want to get a scholarship.”

Now compare the emotions and see if there are any similarities or any glaring differences.  Here is where you can find a lot about your inner most intentions with your sport as well as how those that care about you effect you in either a positive or negative way. 

That’s emotional awareness.  And while you can’t know what you don’t know it’s the awareness that is your gift. 

And now you know…